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Top tier fulfillment center in Los Angeles

After 20 years of being in this industry, Imagine Fulfillment Services (IFS) in Los Angeles, California has helped countless businesses with their fulfillment, warehousing and logistics needs. We have extensive hands-on experience working with small, medium-sized and large business whose specialties lie in a variety of industries. We have worked alongside several different companies and business, such as Fortune 500 companies, major film studios, E-commerce, wholesale, retail, beauty, supplements, apparel and more. We are also FDA approved, have warehousing available 24/7 and have a high security environment.

We specialize in fulfillment services that are specially curated to help simplify your workload and make your business grow. Our services always revolve around your personal­ business needs.

We make sure that we always offer different approaches tailored to your customer’s needs and business goals. When it comes to our service offerings, we are flexible and versatile. IFS offers a wide variety of services, such as order fulfillment, apparel and cosmetics warehousing logistics, order management, receiving, e-commerce order fulfillment warehousing, assembly, kitting and more. With our location near the extremely busy Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we are in the perfect area to handle all of your shipments. IFS takes pride in being the leader for all fulfillment services in the area. Our services have extended to a variety of industries and platforms. We are also full capable of shipping orders to eBay, Amazon and any other key online retail partner.

Our Services Fulfillment, Logistics, Order Management and Warehousing

As fulfillment experts serving the USA, our Los Angeles, California company takes care of all your shipping and receiving services.

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Imagine Fulfillment Services offers logistics services to make your order fulfillment easy and cost-effective.

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Order Management

Imagine's inventory management systems allows local companies in Los Angeles and companies across the USA to keep revenues flowing.

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Our facility in Los Angeles, California can help manage your warehouse inventory, no matter where you are in the USA.

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We deliver excellence At IFS we go above and beyond fulfillment
  • Celebrating our 23-year company anniversary
  • Dedicated teams delivering superior customer service
  • Turnkey, seamless ecommerce and direct response fulfillment solutions for both small and large businesses
  • Real-time virtual warehouse management system
  • Flexible and scalable labor
  • Located 30 minutes from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
  • Competitive pricing